Filistics Features

Email Files
Save time and money by emailing your files to clients directly instead of shipping them.

Project Based Organization
Keep all your files easily accessible buy organizing them with Project Folders. Projects are just like file folders or directories on your computer.

Centralize Data and Workflow
It's a great way to centralize data and workflow. Each Project Folders can be set to notify select users when a new file is uploaded. So when somebody uploads a file to that folder, all the important people will be automatically notified by email that there's a new file.

External Data Center
A flexible external data center to store files and share files with clients. If you have associates and clients in multiple locations, Filistics is a great way to store your data for easy access from anywhere in the world.

Display your name and logo, on your account and every email and download page.

Replace FTP
FTP file transfer as legacy technology does not meet modern business requirements. Simple, intuitive web interface, to send and receive files. No need to install any software makes Filistics easy to deploy and use.

Replace YouSendIt, RapidShare and SendSpace

Control Access With Privileges
Limit what Files your associates and clients see by granting them access to only what you want them to see.

Branded DropBox
Receive files from anyone with your own company branded Dropbox.

Track Downloads
File download tracking so you know who has downloaded each file and when.

Protect Your Downloads
Prevent people from sharing your download links by placing a limit on how many times a file can be downloaded.

Mailing Lists
Keep track of email addresses in one handy location and send files to multiple recipients easily.

No Upload / Download / Storage Limitations
All clients receive a combined 25 GB of upload/download/storage and can use as much as they like, however all usage over the initial 25 GB will be charged at $1 USD per GB.

No Yearly Contracts
No yearly contracts to contend with. Pay for only what you use.

No Advertisements
No in-page advertising or popups! You and your clients get ad-clean access to all that Filistics has to offer.

Free Trial
Still not sure Filistics can help you ? Try It Now For Free with no obligations and see how easy it is to start sharing your files today.

Sign Up for only $20 USD per month.
* Includes 25 GB of uploads / downloads / storage *